Chiropody and podiatry


Routine Chiropody Treatment 30 mins from £35.00

We start with a refreshing and revitalising herbal foot bath, which contains active ingredients that help tired, aching, strained and overworked feet.

Then we carry out an extensive foot health assessment and discuss any problems or discomfort you may be having, if there is a problem in which you are in discomfort we will do our best to source the root of that problem by checking feet and shoes thoroughly and asking question to determine why you are experiencing discomfort then throughout the treatment we will advise you on what you can do to ease this and prevent it from happening again.

From this assessment any foot problems are identified and the appropriate treatment will be given. We trim all the toe nails and check cuticles before taking away any rough skin first with the scalpel and then with an electric foot file, the whole process is gentle and relaxing and after your first treatment will surely become one of your foot health necessities.

We finish with a stimulating foot and leg massage using a Gehwol foot cream which is a pleasantly soothing for legs and feet. All Gehwol products are dermatologically tested and suitable for diabetics. Then we spray the feet with Gehwol caring foot deo spray which is a refreshing foot spray that deodorises protects and cares, it has long lasting deodorising effects and contains anti-microbial ingredients. Then we dust with Gehwol foot powder which is a special disinfectant powder which keeps your feet dry, smooth and odourless. The disinfectant ingredients prevent athlete’s foot, bacteria and odour.

A chiropodist will treat any of the following:

  • Ingrown toe nails

  • Verrucae (additional charge see below)

  • Corns

  • Callouses

  • Dry cracked skin

  • Macerated over moist skin

  • Blisters

  • Athletes Foot

  • Sweaty feet

  • Diabetic Conditions

  • All common nail conditions

  • Fungal Nail conditions

*Please note if you have any Medical Health Plan Cover we can issue chiropody treatment receipts for you to claim back.

Simply Nails (toe nail cutting service) 15 mins From £18.00

Having problems cutting yours or an elderly relative’s toenails?

Are they thickened and hard to cut?

We are now offering a simple nail cutting service available for people that may have difficulty cutting their toenails. The service is carried out by a trained foot health professional in a clinical environment.

Cyrotherapy Verruca Treatment 15mins From £25.00

* Prices are different for skin lesions other than verrucae please see Cryoasthetics.

* Prices are different for skin lesions other than verrucae please see Cryoasthetics.

A verruca is a viral infection on the skin of the foot they may occur singularly or as multiple lesions. If a verruca is on the sole of the foot it can become quite painful due to the build up of hard skin.  Verrucae sometime go unnoticed because they are not always painful and can stay along time in adults, sometimes a number of years in this case it is necessary  to get treatment to help resolve the viral infection. Cryotherapy is one of the ways we can treat the verrucae, we remove the hard skin on top of the verruca to expose the roots and then freeze using a Cryopen.

Cyrotherapy is the controlled destruction of unwanted tissue by the precise application of extreme cold. Using a Cryopen with liquefied Nitrous Oxide we freeze the affected area to -27’c to produce Cryo necrosis in the area.


Quick procedure: freezing only takes 1-2 minutes!

Sterile Procedure.

Analgesic effect by cold temperature of the freezing.

Safe procedure.

Very good results.

Verrucae can be very stubborn to treat and we recommend freezing every 2-4 weeks until the verruca has disappeared.