LCN cosmetic nail Reconstruction

Per Nail 30mins from £20
Full Set 60mins £50
Permanent French Look (no reconstruction) 45mins from £40

Many people suffer from diseases and traumas of the toenails and most are both uncomfortable and unattractive. Wilde- Pedique is not just a cosmetic treatment it is also popular with men this is because it’s a specially formulated elastic U.V gel which is used to reconstruct, reshape and improve the appearance of even the worst toe nails. Designed specifically for correcting:

  • Mis-shapen

  • Damaged

  • Dis-coloured

  • Fungal

  • Cracked/split

  • Missing toe nails

Even if you do not have ‘problem’ nails the glossy French finish will still transform your feet.
One component of the pedique is Acrylester Resin this special resin bonds easily to a surface whilst strengthening, Hardening but at the same time promoting flexibility this is why it’s perfect for toe nails. The combination of strength and flexibility means that the pedique will last a number of months; you can just get an in-fill when necessary or combine it with your routine chiropody treatment and get beautiful nails permanently.

LCN gels use no aggressive primers or acids so there is no damage caused to the nail plate and as the gel is so flexible it does not hinder the growth of the natural nail. It is non-porous meaning water can’t penetrate the nail so it is ideal for covering fungal nails as it aides in healing and prevents further spread of infections.

The ‘Problem’ nail/nails are moulded to shape with the special Wilde Pedique gel then they are then cured under a U.V lamp for 2 minutes. (The lamp is not dangerous and causes no changes of the skin.)  At the free end of the nail the light curing white French polish is applied and cured for a further 2 minutes. 

Please note that men do not have to have the French polish look and can simply have a reconstructed natural looking nail.

Once the pedique has been applied and cured the nails will then look and cut like regular toe nails. It is the perfect solution for people that have unattractive toe nails the results are incredible.

Some people choose to have the nails reconstructed and a shellac color applied on top below are a few before and afters.