men’s grooming

In the twenty first century male grooming has become more common with men taking more pride in their appearance, enjoying a little relaxation and reaping the benefits of what a spa has to offer which previously was more catered to women. Here at Futopia, we have a high percentage of male clients and we offer a range of manly treatments.

Eyebrow Tidy: 10mins £10

When you look in the mirror is Einstein looking back?
Try our eyebrow tidy!

Male manicure: 30mins £15

Every man deserves to have perfectly manicured fingernails!
We’ll exfoliate, file, massage and buff your nails to perfection.

Chiropody treatment: 30mins £35

Do your feet look like they’ve gone a whole season on the pitch? Toes more hammered than a construction site foreman? We’ll scale away all those rough spots, file those nails and make your toes look good enough to stand in the footlights once more.

Skin tech face M.O.T: 40mins £40


Oh dear, been taking full advantage of those extended pub hours? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you with our therapeutic scalp massage and diamond tip micro-dermabrasion facial.


Back Wax 30mins from £20
Chest Wax 30mins from £20
Shoulder and Neck Wax 20mins from £15
Stomach Wax 20mins from £12
Forearm Wax (elbow to hand) 20mins from £15

All of our treatments are available to male clients if you didn’t find what you were looking for here please take a look at our Feet Page, Aesthetic Page and Holistic Page.