Is the ancient art of hair removal using a piece of cotton thread. It is gentle and non-invasive and much softer on the skin than waxing or plucking. It is suitable for all skin types for men and women. Threading gives a more defined eyebrow shape

Eyebrows 10mins £8 (wax or thread)
Sides 10mins £6
Cheeks 10mins £5
Upper Lip 5mins £5
Chin 5mins £4
Neck 10mins £6
Full Face 30mins £25

Eyebrow or Lash tint

15mins £15
We use specially formulated dye to darken the brows and lashes perfect for very fair people to give more definition to the eyes

lash lift

30mins £25 

We use specially formulated perm lotion to bend the lashes upwards, perfect for people with long straight lashes. A test patch is required 24 hours before tinting or perming.


Full Leg 30mins £20
Three Quarter Leg 25mins £18
Half Leg 20mins £15
Full Leg and Bikini 40mins £27
Full Arm 20mins £15
Half Arm 15mins £10
Underarm 15mins £10 *
Hollywood Lycon hot wax from £35.00 *
Brazilian Lycon hot wax from £30.00 *
Bikini Line 15mins £10
Naval Area 10mins £8
Back 20mins £20
Chest 20mins £20
Shoulders and Neck 15mins £15

* Lycon Hot Waxes are a low temperature formula; they are perfect for short, stubborn hair especially in sensitive areas of the body. They are very pliable and painless for most; they shrink-wrap and remove hair as short as 1mm. Lycon Hot Waxes can be re-applied on the same area many times without the wax feeling too hot and without skin trauma or irritation and they do not leave behind a sticky residue. Welcome to a new way of waxing.

Please ensure that hairs are at the correct length for waxing between 1-2.5 cm in length as there may be an additional charge for trimming.

Before the wax we apply a pre wax disinfectant to the skin and a cooling aloe Vera gel afterwards or azulene skin calming oil which soothes redden skin.