Lunula Laser

Futopia is the leading North West clinic to introduce the Lunula ‘cold’ Laser, the latest technological treatment of Onychomycosis (fungal nail infection).


Fungal nail infections are an increasingly common problem affecting one in ten people in the UK and there are several different types of nail infection caused by bacteria and fungus.

Infections enter the nails and can be found in both toenails and fingernails causing the nails to become brittle, crumbly, thickened, distorted in shape, separated from the nail plate and a change in colour. The nail can turn white, yellow, brown or black. Once a nail has become fungal the condition will deteriorate and can spread to other nails, it will not recover without some form of treatment.

The Lunula laser


Lunula is the revolutionary, low level laser therapy and it is bringing new hope topeople suffering the pain and embarrassment from unsightly nail fungus. It is safe, effective and unlike ‘hot’ lasers completely painless!

The Lunula Laser poses none of the harmful side effects of oral antifungal medications and has been shown to efficiently eliminate nail fungus where others have failed. Doctors have been using the Lunula Laser in Germany and the USA for many years with incredible results

The Science behind the Lunula Laser:

The technology works by using two different laser wavelengths which confronts fungus in 3 ways:

1. It attacks the fungus by activating a photochemical reaction causing fungal cell death.

2. The immune system is then stimulated at the infected site to promote the body’s natural defence mechanisms.

3. Finally, it increases blood vessel formation through a process called angiogenesis. This causes a rejuvenated healthy nail growth.

Each treatment plan CONSISTS of:

  • A consultation carried out by a registered Podiatrist

  • Nail preparation and debridement where necessary

  • Photographs to monitor progress

  • Reviews at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months

  • After-care and preventative advice pack

  • Klenze sanitization of footwear

Our standard treatment package comprises of treating each area with the Lunula Cold Laser 4 times, ideally weekly with no longer than 4 weeks between each treatment. Not all fungal nail infections respond to treatment at the same rate therefore, the number of treatments required is dependent on the length of infection, recurrence and severity. During your consultation your practitioner will recommend the best package for your nails.


  • 4 treatments (One Foot) from £350

  • 4 treatments (Both Feet) from £550

  • Additional/Maintenence treatment: from £50

  • Additional aftercare pack £25.00


  • Fees are due in full at the time of first treatment and may be paid by cash, debit or credit cards.

  • We require a full 48 hours notice to reschedule or cancel your appointment. (There is a £50 charge for changes within this time period.)

  • Private Health Insurance coverage varies. Most policies do not provide cover. Payment must be made in full and reimbursement obtained directly from Health companies